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Photo on Wooden Slice, X-Large 9''- 11"
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Photo on Wooden Slice, X-Large 9''- 11"

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Photo on Wooden Slice 9"-11"

Sizes , prices and delivery of wooden slices

  • In our online discount you can buy Wooden Photo Gifts on Wooden Slice for sale.
  • Birch wooden slice with natural bark around the outer edge.
  • Size 9"-11".
  • Thickness 1”-1,5” (20-40 mm).
  • Well-dried wood makes it impossible to crack. All finished products get a clear coating for protection to help protect from stains, water end scratches.
  • Ready to ship in 3-5 business day.
  • USD 20.00  international spipping.
  • You have the opportunity  to order  marked as gift + gift message included. If you need it, you can write to my email
  • To order you must send me a photo by email